Competition & Wardrobe

Areas of Competition & Selecting your wardrobe

Put in a “nutshell”, Cinderella stresses “real clothes on real people”. In other words, your party dress, for example, should be something that a person your age would ACTUALLY WEAR to a formal event…. NOT a dress that could only be worn to a pageant (the same thing applies for interview and casual wear outfits). Clothing can be custom, but should look “off the rack”. Naturally, garments chosen should be in good taste and appropriate for the participant’s age. Cinderella Pageants were not designed to be a “clothes show” and your pageant wardrobe should be kept simple and appropriate for your age group. The judges will be judging the participants and NOT their wardrobes. The judges often see the participants between judging sessions, so having a neat appearance at all times is important. Your wardrobe should consist of:

Interview with Judges – Tot, Miniature Miss and Miss Age divisions: A casual garment of your choice. The garment might be a casual skirt and blouse or a casual dress. Teen & Woman Age Divisions: A tailored business suit is appropriate.

Casual wear Modeling – All age divisions: The garment can be “dressy casual” and may include pants, blouse, casual dress, and casual jackets. (No hats, purses or handbags.)

Party wear Modeling – Tot, Miniature Miss and Miss Age divisions: The hemline may be above or below the knee, but may NOT be formal (full) length. Some examples might be an Easter Sunday or First Communion dress for the youngest division. For older divisions, a dress that she might wear to a family wedding would be appropriate. Any color is acceptable. Teen & Woman Age divisions: The hemline must be formal (full) length.
Additionally, it should be age appropriate. Teens should not look like the older participants in the Woman Division.

Baby & Tot Personality: The garment can be any garment of your choice. However, it should be stylish, age appropriate and comfortable to sit in. Also, it should reflect the personality of the child.
Baby Division will have a “playtime” segment where they will be with one chaperone in a closed room setting with the judges.
Tot division will have an onstage fun interview from the facts on their emcee card filled out by the parent. This is done in a comfortable sit down setting with our emcee.

Talent Competition: The garment chosen should be appropriate for the talent being performed. It may be a costume. As always, it should be stylish but age appropriate.


PAGEANT STANDARDS: Artificial hair and false eyelashes are not allowed in the Cinderella 3-12 age divisions, unless it is the result of a medical necessity (i.e. illness, chemotherapy, etc.). This does not apply to talent presentations. Please note the judges have been instructed to use discretion in determining whether a participant has violated this rule and if such artifices are immediately discernible to the judges’ panel, the contestant may be disqualified. Cosmetic dentistry is permissible. We are using a production company for our staging; therefore, there will be strong stage lighting. The use of cosmetics is allowed in all age brackets; however, makeup MUST be appropriate for the participant’s age category. It is strongly recommended that Tot- Miss still keep it light and stay away from heavy eye shadow, dark lipsticks and blush! Judges will score lower if the make up is over done for younger contestants!

*Please see our pageant handbook for full details!