Washington Cinderella

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About the Washington State Cinderella Pageant

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Age Divisions

Cinderella Infant: 0 to 11 months
Cinderella Baby: 12 months to 23 months
Cinderella Tiny Tot: 24 months to 35 months
Cinderella Tot: 3-6 years old
Cinderella Miniature Miss: 7-9 years old
Cinderella Miss: 10-12 years old
Cinderella Teen: 13-17 years old
Cinderella Woman: 18-29 years old

Tiny Tot, Infant and Babies

A parent/guardian must accompany the participant on stage and is solely responsible for their conduct and safety. They will introduce the child at the microphone giving the child’s name, hometown, and one sentence of “something cute about them”. The parent is NOT JUDGED - however appearance is important (No low cut blouses or shirts – no jeans/sweats).

Casual wear Modeling

Cinderella has a modeling pattern that was developed so each individual receives 1 minute on stage and uses a “ding” in the music to guide them to the next X. The casual wear outfit is dressy-casual which may include slacks/shorts or a dress, BUT NO SWIMSUITS OR COSTUMES. Props such as tennis rackets, sunglasses, hats, purses, etc. are not allowed. Think of an outfit that might be worn on the first day of school or for school photos. In casual wear, the girls introduce themselves, stating their name, age and where they live when they reach the center X. Teens and women also talk about their community or school involvement and career ambitions.

Please note: It’s not about expensive or custom clothing, you should be able to dress your contestant with clothing from stores like Macy’s or JC Penney. Select what looks best and makes them feel good. The Cinderella Scholarship Program encourages “Real Kids in Real Clothes”.

Party Wear Modeling

Using the same modeling pattern and similar music, participants model a nice dress that would be appropriate for a special function or a wedding. Party wear dresses for the younger divisions have minimal beading and rhinestones. For teen and women categories, Party Wear dresses are floor length gowns. Dresses and outfits should be simple and not be overly embellished with beads and sequins as these can be distracting. It is suggested that props, hats, bracelets, & gloves not be used as babies have a tendency to play with these articles. 

Use of cosmetics is allowed for all ages, however it must be appropriate for the participant’s age. While teen and woman divisions are free to wear full makeup, lashes, hair extensions, etc., younger divisions may not use false hair or eyelashes (unless due to a medical necessity – i.e. illness, chemotherapy, etc.). Full costume makeup may be worn for all talent presentations, regardless of age.

All participants are interviewed by the judges prior to the on-stage competition.

This gives the judges an opportunity to get to know the girls and see how well they communicate. This is not an intelligence test, rather it is a chance for the girls to show the judges who they are and what they enjoy doing in their spare time. Questions vary based on age divisions.

Cinderella Tot, Mini Miss and Miss contestants will be interviewed in groups of 5 and Teen & Woman contestants interview one-on-one with each judge.

Attire for interview

Should be age-appropriate, simple dress, suit not required. Tots and Mini Miss participants may not wear makeup during Interview.


For participants ages 7 and up, a talent is performed. This can be a song, dance, monologue, instrumental performance or any other talent the participant wants to share with the judges and audience. This phase of competition is designed to teach our participants dedication in preparing for an on-stage performance. Talents can be no longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, (2 mins is preferred)and participants are expected to provide their own music. Props are allowed (within reason).

Tot Personality/Talent

Cinderella Tots participate in Tot Personality in the place of the Talent competition. During Tot Personality, contestants will be seated on stage, one-on-one with the Emcee while they partake in a mini “conversation”. The MC may be prompted by information on the participant’s MC card and may find some topics at random. Participants are judged on their ability to be personable and not the content of their answers. The attire for this should be dressy-casual. We recommend a dress. Note that they will be sitting in a chair on-stage for Tot Personality.

Submit a recent photo of the participant

This is judged as a separate competition, prior to the interview. Color or black and white photos are accepted, Please do not over Photoshop/retouch the photo. Please bring one 8×10 photo to registration. 

Aimee Brotten

2015 International Photogenic Girl Winner Miss Division

The Cinderella Girl Pledge

On my honor I promise to do my best to live up to the high standards of the Cinderella Scholarship Program; to honor my God and country; to always conduct myself in a manner that is becoming to a young lady; to keep myself morally straight; to respect my mother and father; to recognize the rights of others; to keep the competitive spirit and be a good loser as well as a good winner; and dedicate myself to a world united in peace through love, mutual trust and understanding amongst the peoples of all nations, races and creeds.